16. The End

Way way back in 2013, I finally got motivated and wanted to make something for myself. With a kick in the pants from The Meaghan, I made a viking movie, TYRFING.

My initial goal was just to get screened… anywhere. Just one screening and I’d be, “Mission accomplished. You’re such a brilliant and talented boy!” Pat. Pat. Pat. The film ended up in 8 festivals and I couldn’t be happier, so I’m moving on and putting a bullet in the old girl.

Too harsh? Eh, get over it. Amidst all the erotic fan fiction, Tumblr artists post aspirational quotes about failure, mistakes and angst in the artistic process. I’ll Cliff Note it for you, “Make shit.” Just go and do it, it’s better than not.

That’s not to say the film is brilliant. It’s not. It’s clunky, really self important (high on its own farts if you will) and the pacing is molasses. There’s a ton of good good stuff in there, luckily I have very talented friends. Anything great in here you may see comes from them. I’m just the dope that said, “Let’s make something.” Thanks again gang, your contribution was incredible. 

Best bit of feedback I got was from a friend’s wife, “It just doesn’t seem like Steve.” Essentially, if I’m going to make stuff, I should at least make stuff I’d want to watch over and over again.

I learned a ton from making this film. It reminded me how much I love to write. I wrote a feature and short last year, and I’m working on another feature now. I’m writing all the time. Thanks TYRFING.

Here’s the film in all its imperfect glory!