“They say people don’t believe in heroes anymore. Well, damn them! You and me, Max… we’re gonna give them back their heroes.” - Mad Max.

In TYRFING, the viking life of violence, Yngvi’s addiction, has left him a husk of man. He surrounds himself with magical weapons, but hasn’t the strength to use them. "There's always another hero. Another great man." - Yngvi. He clings to other heroes successes and victories and the shadows of his former life. 

Magic/violence is the addiction. Hjalmar is against magic (straight-edge hardcore) believes in himself, Orvar-Oddembraces magic (has magical arrows for example), Angantyr is a full-blown addict prone to involuntary action, does anything for the high. To Yngivi, who surrounds himself with magical items. The magic isn't real, it’sjust the perceived power of these items; folded steel and other technological advancements, seems like magic to them. 

Hjalmar is young and impetuses, Orvar-Odd is seasoned and experienced, Angantyr is jaded and spiteful, bored. He's achieved it all and finds it lacking. To King Yngvi, whose bitter and used up, wasting away. He’s squandered his life on murder and pillage and now gets his high from the exploits of other heroes. 

The Vikings refer to themselves as hero and great men. Yngvi knows this is all bullshit while Hjalmar clings to this false sense of honor through violence. Angantyr is self-aware, he knows he’s a violent murder and that's what they all are, but doesn't care and won’t stop. They dress it up with nobility and honor, but they're all monsters. 

Yngvi (as played by Jeff Gill) is so far gone, he can't get that high from violence anymore and plays games with people's lives. Instigating the duel between Hjalmar and Angantyr, he cares little for the outcome as long as there’s a hero’s death. Yngvi is the end result of wasting your life on violence. His viking hall is filled with death imagery. He’s a crow, or a vulture, salivating to to pick at bones of heroes, and he's circling Hjalmar and Orvar-Odd.