Brightside Tavern Film Festival is a gem of a festival in Jersey City. Eric, Dave and I headed down for the Meet & Greet on Saturday and screenings on Sunday. It was a weekend of brew-ha-has, junk food and short films. We stayed a block from the venue and hit up Taqueria Downton, Skinner’s Loft, Dullboy and Razza (who apparently has the best pizza in the tri-state area, take that Domino’s.) 

The venue featured a downstairs and an upstairs screening room. Our festival block could best be described as the bound & gagged women block (which confused the hell out of us, since our film features neither.) The two stand outs were Joseph Eulo’s Trafico (a New Jersey based web-series that delves into human trafficking) and Clown Baby, the stuff of nightmares. The Trafico crew were fired up filmmakers and a blast to chat with, just bubbling over with passion. Much to our dismay, we didn’t meet the makers of Clown Baby, we probably just would of cowered if we did. The film had neither a clown or baby, let alone a clown baby… 

Thanks Brightside Tavern for hosting, awesome beer, awesome venue. Another one down, let’s keep ‘em coming.