One of the reasons TYRFING came about is because of Eric Propp. From TYRFING’s Press Kit, “After earning an MFA in costume design at Boston University, Eric has worked with numerous theatre companies- including Huntington Theatre Company, A.R.T., Blue Man Group, Commonwealth Shakespeare, Colorado Shakespeare Festival and the Boston Ballet.” On top of all that he’s my pal (the key to this whole production is having talented friends.)

For his thesis, Eric designed costumes for a play he developed about the forgotten origins of Santa Claus, mixing the Norse gods, Odin, Thor, Balder with the fairy tale of Santa Claus (sorry kids!) While developing the film and having a limited budget, I assessed assets on hand, “Hey! Eric has Viking costumes, let’s make a Viking picture!”

Eric’s a perfectionist, a complete nut. Rather than repurposing his thesis project, Eric hand-crafted all of the costumes in TYRFING from scratch. Night after night, he hammered rivets into leather on a cinder block in his apartment, repurposed corduroy pants and spoiled fur coats, painted leather to look worn, weathered armor with sandpaper. The elbow-grease shines through in every frame of the film. The costumes are incredible. Eric is incredible. He added layers of authenticity and visual panache. It’s the number one take away, “The costumes are incredible.” Thanks Eric.

For San Diego Comic-Con, History Channel’s Vikings posted on their Facebook page asking fans to submit pictures of themselves dressed as Vikings for a possible commercial campaign, all about the fans of the show. Eric hopped on the opportunity and submitted some screen grabs from the film. History Channel quickly responded asking for more of Eric “doing his Viking thing.” Eric responded in kind and is now featured in the promos for Vikings History Channel. Amazing.

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