My buddy David Fernandez (aka Martin Miggs) composed all of the music for TYRFING. The entire killer soundtrack is up on Soundcloud. Check it out, it rules. 

TYRFING Soundtrack

Not only did Dave compose the music, he also worked as the Sound Editor (mixing the entire film) and acted as an extra playing one of the Sons of Arngrim. I couldn't be happier with the results, it's an epic soundtrack on par with Krull. (That's high praise, James Horner, c'mon!) 

When devising the film, the eclipse was the symbol that called to me. It's at the crux of TYRFING and what I used to represent the cyclical nature of violence. I wanted a noise, a sound, that  hammered home the message. Every time I called back to the eclipse (to violence), I wanted a blood-curdling, haunting creeping drone. After a series of conversations and some trial and error, Dave created the sound that I was envisioning. He titled the track Bone (because violence is in our very marrow... or because he likes to bone.)

My favorite track is Unyielding. I needed a track for the credits, a track that encapsulated the essence of the film.  He nailed it. Unyielding hits hard, like it's the start of a fantasy epic and we only witnessed the first chapter. 

Thanks Dave.