I headed down to Long Island City for TYRFING’s festival debut last night at the Chain NYC Film Festival. The venue is a black box performing arts venue.  There’s a staged reading parody of Die Hard With A Vengeance following the festival block, talk about meant to be.

The screening was a great success. The film was scheduled in a fantasy block with Helio, Into The Dark, and Blood Type all awesome in their own right, check ‘em out and give ‘em a follow.

Watching my own work always make me squirm, but seeing it on the big screen was truly something. The eye visual taking up an entire wall, Orvar-Odd grieving with the snow cloud billowing, so freakin’ cool.

After the screening, there was an off the cuff Q&A Talk Back session. Up first was Lukas Hassel filmmaker of Into The Dark. He was composed, informative, and entertaining. He’s also the spokesperson for the Danish and Swedish Tourist Board, sorry for all of the mis-pronunciations Lukas. I was called up to the stage next, I fashion myself a ranter, a heckler, but not much of a public speaker. My buddy Andrew works right around the corner and accompanied me to the screening (thanks buddy, you’re a trooper.) His two cents “Steve, you were amusing as hell but try to make some eye contact buddy.” Just shoegazing up there.

Continued number one compliment, the costumes and the look. (“But, that’s two things”. Get off my back! The people have spoken!) That’s all Eric Propp (Orvar-Odd, co-producer, and costume designer) and Ryan Bennett’s (director of photography) fault. Nice job fellas! Your dropping jaws. 

Anywho, fun party times. Thanks to Chain NYC for the fantastic experience, the cast & crew for all of their hard work and to everyone for the continued support. Jersey City here we come.