06. Angantyr

Depending on the legend you’re reading Angantyr is a hero or a villain, but isn’t it all one in the same? His life revolved around murder, pillage and mayhem, so it all depends on the spin. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. (Go blow up the Death Star you religious zealot! “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” - Han ‘Atheist’ Solo.) 

Arngrim (from blog 01, is anyone reading these?) had 12 sons and he passed along the sword Tyrfing to his eldest, Angantyr, and Angantyr was a silverback, an apex predator. These boys ran wild, terrorizing the seas. The Sons of Arngrim were running the Holmgang/Nith scam, taking advantage of weaker territories, rampant piracy (from blog 04 & 05, c’mon!). Hjorvard, Arngrim’s little brother, using his psycho brother as muscle, swore he would win the hand of the King of Sweden’s daughter, Ingeborg. This brought the Sons of Arngrim face to face with Hjalmar and Orvar-Odd. 

Angantyr, the Bear/Beast, (played be Dave Rich) is the third step in the Tyrfing Cycle. He’s bored with life. Battle, from which his life revolved, no longer amuses him. He started out his tale just like Hjalmar, but he’s achieved the ultimate weapon and now it all comes just too easy to him. Think Rambo in Rambo (the fourth one) only he’s a sociopath, just going conflict to conflict hoping for a challenge but only finding slaughter. He still craves the high of bloodshed, but he doesn’t reach the same pinnacles as his earlier days. "There are no more heroes." (A quote from somewhere I forgot to annotate… um… let’s say Flash Gordon, this isn’t a term paper, get off my back!) Angantyr orchestrated the Duel on Samso to challenge Hjalmar’s second, Orvar-Odd, whom he considers an equal. But to his surprise, it’s Hjalmar who will give him that buzz he’s been itching for. (Also, THE BEAST Angantyr is me riffing off of Glossu Rabban from Dune, best moniker of all-time, The Beast Rabban or “The Beast from the East” Bam Bam Bigelow. Take your nerdy pick, sci-fi novels or wrestling.)