02. Hjalmar & Ingeborg

The shadow of the cursed blade Tyrfing loomed over the doomed Swedish lovers Hjalmar & Ingeborg. Hjalmar is a housecarl, a medieval bodyguard for Yngvi, King of Sweden. Though lowborn, Hjalmar and Yngvi’s daughter, Ingeborg, were madly in love. Yngvi disapproved of the match and awaited for a better suitor to arrive upon his shores. Enter the berserk raiders, Angantyr and the Sons of Angrim.  

In the film, Hjalmar the Brave, the Dog, (played by Andrew Rakich) is the first step in The Tryfing Cycle. Impetuous. Fool hardy. Cocky. Hjalmar has no fear and seems like he has a death wish because of it. Cocky, because he’s undefeated in battle and he’s made his way up from nothing. Born a farmer, he’s fought for everything he has.  His only natural talent  is murder  (“I do it real good, you know. It's the only thing I was ever good at." - Martin Riggs, Lethal Weapon.) He cuts a club out of a piece of driftwood to duel the Beast Angantyr, he’s that cocky, “I’ll beat you with a stick.” He believes in himself, not “magic” swords. Hjalmar has a smart mouth and little respect for anyone who tells him what to do. He loves Ingeborg with the same reckless abandon he lives his life. Since he is denied her, it makes him more determined to win her.