01. The Tyrfing Cycle

TYRFING, the short film, is a glimpse of the two-fisted tales found in Norse mythology. This blog, will delve into the myths that provided the inspiration and backstory for the film.

Forged by the dwarves Dvalinn and Durin for King Svaflmai, grandson of Odin (like in Roman mythology, heroes could trace their lineage back to Gods), Tyrfing is death to all who face it and doom to all who wield it. As the sword was unbreakable, victory would be sure for whomever commanded the steel. But, the dwarves cursed the blade before returning to whence they came, it would kill a man every time it was unsheathed, it would cause three great evil deeds, and it would be the death of Svaflmai.

The dwarves curse held true, Svaflamai met his end while defending his kingdom from a viking raid. The berserker Arngrim hacked off Svaflamai’s arm, took the cursed sword and beheaded him with his own weapon. Arngrim took Svaflamai’s life, his kingdom and his daughter (who he had twelve sons with, Arngrim was a man of extremes.) Angantyr, Arngrim’s eldest son, was gifted the sword and continued in his father’s profession. (Job description: sail around and murder everyone.)

Angantyr’s duel with the Swedish hero Hjalmar on the Isle of Samso, the first great evil deed of the dwarves’ curse, is where this film begins.