03. Orvar-Odd

Orvar-Odd (The Arrow’s Point) the Far-Traveler is an immortal Norwegian hero. The son of a chieftain, a volva (kinda like a Norwegian witch or medicine man) predicted his horse, Faxi, would kill him in the place he was born. Being a sensible sort of fellow (i.e.: viking lunatic) he lopped off his horse’s head, buried it, kissed his mom goodbye and split. Thus began, Orvar-Odd’s life of endless wandering and adventure (i.e.: hell-raising). He went to Ireland, knocked up a sweet Irish girl and hijacked an impenetrable magic shirt made by fairies for his trouble. Along the way, he scores some super kill arrows, Gusir’s Gift. The arrows never miss (and usually blast people right through their eyeballs) and always return to whomever fired it (which sounds mad dangerous, good thing he’s immortal.) He also knocks up a giant and gets in frequent drunken brawls with his half-blood giant son. You know, just typical Viking stuff. (Ride the Maelstrom in EPCOT, it’ll fill you in. Wait! You can’t. It’s gone forever. Thanks Olaf!)

As his reputation grows, upstart warriors sought him out to prove their worth, upstarts like Hjalmar. The two have an epic two day bloodbath, with neither man gaining the advantage. Orvar-Odd is so enamored with the kid’s moxie, they become blood brothers and begin bro-ing around together. (If one was Han Solo, the other was Chewbacca. If one was Riggs, the other was Murtaugh. Axe-wielding buddy cops.) Orvar-Odd is Hjalmar’s brother-in-arms for the Duel on Samso.

In the film, Orvar-Odd, the Wolf, (played by Eric Propp) is the next step in the Tyrfing Cycle. He’s at the top of his game, the apex viking hero, which make him a bit conceited. Being the Far-Traveller, he has untraditional armor and weaponry, a katar for example, and is a bit of an eccentric.