TYRFING scored it's first award, a bronze from The Spotlight Short Film Awards. Secret of the Lion, a documentary short I cut about the discovery of a time capsule in Boston's Old State House, took home a gold, toot toot! 

Besides the award, I was also featured as a 2015 Independent Filmmaker in the Spotlight. Brag brag brag, look at me! Check out the link for the other featured directors, my glib bio is below.

"The Award Winning, TYRFING is Stephen Polakiewicz’s directorial debut. Graduating with a BA in Communications from Florida State University and a MS in Television Production from Boston University, he now holds the position of editor at Redtree Productions cutting TV commercials.  He despises writing in the third person, particularly about himself, finding it pompous and reeking of 'trying too hard.' If he had his way, his bio would read- 'Stephen Polakiewicz, Mission Hill by way of Valrico. The Meaghan. Film. Wrestling. Comics. Beer. Galaxy Quest Quotes. In that order.' But, that doesn’t sound like something you’d read in a film festival program. Instead, he’ll drop two-dollar words and talk about his intrinsic passion for storytelling and his other blah blah blah artistic sensibilities. Stay true to yourself Steve! Never give up, never surrender!"